Twenty-One Pilots Perform a Mash-up of ‘Stranger Things’ Theme And ‘Heathens’

Check out the performance of Twenty One Pilots’ mash-up of ‘Stranger Things’ theme song and their 2016 song ‘Heathens’ below.

On 15th July, the Ohio duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun were performing a headline set at the Electric Castle festival in Romania when they paid tribute to the science fiction series, ‘Stranger Things’.

Heathens vs. Stranger Things - Twenty One Pilots & Stranger Things | MASHUP  - YouTube
Image Courtesy: YouTube

The band played a montage of notable events from Stranger Things 4 on the big screen behind the stage to introduce their 19-track set. It showed Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), the evil antagonist, torturing Max (played by Sadie Sink).

The show’s official theme song by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein served as the soundtrack for the video. Twenty-One Pilots blended the iconic synthy instrumental into a live airing of ‘Heathens’ from the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

Twenty One Pilots Mash Up "Heathens" And The 'Stranger Things' Theme
Image Courtesy: Stereogum

As the duo performed, dramatic scenes from the fourth season of Stranger Things continued to play out.

The official Stranger Things account tweeted in response to the video posted on the duo’s account: “This performance could save me from Vecna any day of the week.”

Check out the footage of the special set opener below.

Twenty-One Pilots stated in an interview with NME earlier this month that they now felt as though they “belong” at the top of festival line-ups.

“Coming to Europe and playing festivals; there’s a certain vibe and atmosphere that feels familiar, which is really wild to say and feels like home,” Dun explained. “It’s a good feeling – when we started out, everything felt really foreign.”

Stranger Heathens】- Stranger Things Theme (C418 Remix) vs. twenty one pilots  [Mashup] - YouTube
Image Courtesy: YouTube

The band, which released their sixth album, ‘Scaled & Icy,’ in May also performed recently at Mad Cool 2022 in Madrid.

Reviewing that set, NME wrote: “The show is well thought out and a visual treat, a triumph for both the band, and a gift to the fans who’ve waited several years for this.”

Twenty One Pilots Honors 'Stranger Things' With Live 'Heathens' Remix –  Billboard
Image Courtesy: Billboard

The Duffer Brothers, who created ‘Stranger Things’, have acknowledged that they have gone back and re-edited earlier episodes of the show.