TWICE Delivers Their Best Work Yet: “Eyes Wide Open”

TWICE makes big moves with "Eyes Wide Open"

K-Pop girl group, TWICE, just released their second full-length studio album, “Eyes Wide Open”. And, armed with synth-pop and retro sounds, they’re here to rule the music world. Further, the 13-track album takes off where their 7th mini album, “More & More” left off. And, to say they’ve come full circle, sonically, would be a fair estimation. Stepping out of their comfort zone, is befitting in terms of theme, too – “The feeling of riskiness and uneasiness you get when you cross a line that you shouldn’t cross.”

An Offering of Pop Bangers

“Eyes Wide Open” was helmed by the title track ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ – an earnest and successful 80s disco-pop track. Complete with sparkly synth notes and a steady bass hook, the track is the perfect gateway to the rest of the album and its sonic offerings. Further, the track was accompanied by a music video. And, in signature fashion, TWICE stuns with awe-inspiring visuals, slick choreography and spectacular sets.

“Eyes Wide Open” further marks their most mature release yet. In a 180 degree turn away from their previous work, the album is characterterised by an intricate audio scape. In this album, you’ll find 80s disco, synth pop, tropical pop, R&B and acoustic Latin-swing.

Not Just Another Disco-Pop Song

Now, the disco renaissance in mainstream pop today is an undeniable phenomenon. Nearly ever pop act has taken a stab at it. But, TWICE emerges as one of the few to have created a unique and memorable sound with their attempt. So, ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ isn’t just ‘another disco-pop track’; it stands on its own two feet.

Further, the collaborative efforts of various seasoned songwriters, producers and artists provide a unique flavour to the album’. Korean R&B heavyweight, HEIZE and pop mega star Dua Lipa lent work to the album. In addition, familiar K-Pop collaborator, Melanie Joy Fontana made multiple appearances on the album, this time around too.

And, while “Eyes Wide Open” offers a new side to TWICE, fans of their previous work can find comfort in more mellow tracks that pepper the album. ‘Do What We Like’, ‘Believer’, and ‘Depend on You’ mark more familiar tunes.

‘I Can’t Stop Me’ and “Eyes Wide Open” are available on all streaming platforms now.

By: Ahalya Narayanan