TXT Break Their Shackles in “Puma”

txt puma

Not long after releasing their latest EP, “The Dream Chapter: Eternity“, the rookie K-Pop band TXT have taken centre stage to present the visualizer for their single, “Puma”. Much like the EP itself, this track sees the boys explore darker themes, through both sound and visuals. 

For starters, “Puma” makes a huge departure from TXT’s previous numbers. The five member group debuted with light, syrupy-sweet pop tracks, but now, it looks like they’ve decided to step out of their comfort zone. This time, the band has opted for synth-pop grooves and rolling traps. As a rookie group, exploring a new genre comes with a lot of risks, so their courage is certainly laudable. And considering the roaring success this EP has witnessed, TXT is definitely going places.

TXT dévoile un MV pour « PUMA » – K-GEN

TXT & The Exploration of Heavier Themes

There’s much to be said about the music video for this track. Riddled with metaphors, stand-out choreography, and a contrasting colour palette – the video delivers from start to finish. The boys are seen settling into new avatars, dripping with charisma, coupled with a renewed confidence.   

The metaphors arrive in the form of glass cases, heavy chains, a pit full of arrows and fire. We see the boys trapped within these confines, before they finally manage to break free, crawling out of their dingy caves to get a good look at the star splattered sky. 

Armed with these strong visuals, TXT draw parallels to an incident that actually took place in South Korea, where a puma in captivity escaped, only to be shot on sight. Much like the wild cat, for a band that just recently debuted, they’ve now entered new territory. In a music industry brimming with crippling pressure, no artist wants to be left behind. And TXT have just stepped through the front door, buffeted by strong winds, they hope to stand their ground.

The lyrics of “Puma” prove to be an open window into the band’s anxieties. Take a look, “Still too young to stand alone/ This world is a jungle full of warriors/ The sight is aiming at your throat/ A thousand eyes are accessing the internet/ Be careful, your enemies spread in an instant/ “How long does it take to reach your dream?”

Right now, TXT might just be the brightest act in the room. So, here’s hoping they continue to bring fresh sounds and concepts to the table. So, without further ado, here’s “Puma”.

By: Nina Karun