TXT Celebrate Youth & The Glory of ‘Haikyuu!!’ in ‘Drama’

The up and coming Kpop group, TXT, have just arrived with their latest offering: the music video for the track, ‘Drama’. This tune finds its space on the band’s Japanese mini-album of the same name. 

Now, to touch upon the soundscape of the track, ‘Drama’ is layered with a cocktail of fast-paced beats and a groovy piano riff. The rest of the song is decorated with sweet verses and catchy melodic runs, transforming ‘Drama’ into a fresh, light pop banger. 

A Dip Into The Visuals of ‘Drama’

The visualizer for this track stands at just over four minutes and is simply, a celebration of youth. The video sees TXT involved in an intense game of basketball, cycling around the city, wolfing down snacks and cuddling up with each other – basically just everyday activities that bring a spark of joy. But perhaps the most interesting part of this video is the fact that the boys make a lot of references to the hit sports anime, ‘Haikyuu!!’. 

From the minute TXT dropped the first teaser for this video, eagle eyed fans have been drawing comparisons  with Haruichi Furudate’s much-loved manga. In fact, the video even sees the boys deliver their dance routines at an in-door volleyball court, showing off jerseys that perfectly match those worn by the characters in the anime. It’s worth mentioning that the band’s lead rapper, Yeonjun, is seen sporting the protagonist’s (Kageyama) jersey which holds the number ‘9’.

Now, the original cut of this feel-good track first found its space in the band’s latest Korean album, “The Dream Chapter: Eternity”. A couple of tunes sitting here have been treated to Japanese versions, but the band has also managed to put out their first-ever original Japanese song, ‘Everlasting Shine‘. So go ahead and soak in all the goodies their Japanese EP, “Dama” has to offer.

By: Nina Karun