TXT Drop Quirky Teasers For ‘minisode 1: Blue Hour’

After announcing their return to the music scene with a sparkling new mini-album, rookie group TXT are rousing a lot of intrigue on this project. For starters, the boys offered up their vibrant concept photos and a few days later, they paired it up with their full tracklist. Now, over the past week, TXT have been dropping video snippets of their individual members, giving us but a brief taste of their tracks. 

The first teaser arrived on October 11th. Featuring the band’s lead vocalist, Beomgyu, we see the young star standing under a spread of fiery autumn leaves. The strong piano-led intro segues into a sliver of vocals just as Beomgyu raises his head to look directly at the camera. 

The next teaser that made its landing featured the band’s youngest member, Huening Kai. In this visual, the camera races through a grassy meadow, towards the star. Kai appears to be looking at a ferris wheel, shrouded by clouds in the distance. While this teaser didn’t see any vocals, it did feature some ambient sounds and a curious little instrumental piece. 

The Cycle Repeats?

Next in line, the video that landed on October 13th featured the leader of TXT, Soobin. In a set similar to that of Beomgyu’s, we see Soobin lying against a tree branch, reading a book with autumn leaves spread out above him. This teaser once again, only gives us a brief acoustic riff.

On October 14th, a teaser video featuring the band’s rapper, Taehyun, made its descent. Just like Huening Kai’s, we see Taehyun in that very same meadow, birds zipping through the sky above him. This time around, the visual featured a few simple piano notes and pretty falsettos.

And finally, on October 15th, we got a snippet with the band’s lead rapper, Yeonjun. The brief clip sees him strutting through a dark path before pausing to place a cowboy hat on his head. Just as he fits it on, a glittery carousel light up behind him. This clip also witnessed bass-thumping beats combined with a powerful electric guitar riff. 

And so, it looks like TXT will continue to leave us at the edge of our seats until October 26th, when “minisode 1: Blue Hour” finally makes its landing. 

By: Nina Karun