TXT Gear Up For An October Comeback

Over the past few weeks, the Kpop world has been witness to a slew of buzzing comebacks. Stray Kids just dropped their repackaged album, “IN LIFE” along with the visualizer for their title track, ‘Back Door’. Both are already soaring through charts world over. Taemin of SHINee arrived with his latest album, “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1”. And of course, the talk of the town – BTS and their debut all-English single ‘Dynamite’. 

Now, gearing up for a new comeback are actually BTS’ label mates, TXT. Their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, put out a statement that read,  “TXT is preparing for a comeback in late October.”  Reportedly, the rookie group is currently in the final stages of completing their brand new album. 

A New Era In Music For TXT?

Back in April, TXT created ripples with the release of their second EP, ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity”. It nursed some hit tunes like, ‘Can’t You See Me?’ ‘Puma,’ ‘Eternally’ and more. This album saw the boys delve into some weighty themes. They explored the anxieties of youth, friendships, and the crippling pressures that come with being newbies to the industry. 

And yet, the band has also set themselves apart from BTS in terms of sound and style. While their debut studio album, “The Dream Chapter: Magic” saw them dabble with lighthearted, bubblegum pop bangers. This one witnessed a swift change in gears as the boys adopted dark trap mixes and tossed it up with moody rap pieces. 

Whether TXT chooses to follow along this brushstroke for their upcoming album, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, October is also jam-packed with a lot of other Korean acts making their return to the music scene. The steadily growing list includes BLACKPINK, NCT, TWICE and many more groups. Well, the Kpop world has proven once again, that there’s never a dull moment. 

By: Nina Karun