TXT Gear Up to Craft Opening Theme of Anime ‘Black Clover’

The up and coming Kpop group, TXT, have proven time and again that they’re not afraid to experiment with their music. This was mirrored in their latest EP, ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity’ and now the boys are gearing up to dabble in something entirely new: an anime. 

Precisely speaking, TXT will be crafting the soundtrack to the Japanese anime, ‘Black Cover’. Kicking of the September 1st broadcast of the show, TXT’s upcoming Japanese song titled, ‘Everlasting Shine’ will find its space as the new opening theme to the anime.  

Now, we bet you’re curious, so here’s the basic plotline of ‘Black Clover’. It follows the lives of two orphaned children, Asta and Yuno. In a world where everyone is able to harness certain magical abilities, Asta finds himself at odds. He tries to gain his powers through physical training unlike Yuno who was born a prodigy. And so, to rule as the next Wizard King, the two youths develop a friendly rivalry. With every anime, it’s opening theme is of immense importance as it allows viewers a solid taste of the concept and characters. Opening themes also help with recall value and are sometimes what can make or break an anime. So, creating the soundtrack for one, keeping in mind the storyline and mood is no simple feat. 

TXT Find Their Footing in the Japanese Music Industry

Now, while ‘Everlasting Shine’ will notch TXT’s first original Japanese song, they also plan to bring Japanese versions of their previous tracks, ‘Drama’ and ‘Can’t You See Me?’ to the table. 

The boys made their Japanese debut on January 14th this year with their single, ‘Magic Hour‘. This tune found its space at the top of Oricon’s daily singles chart and later went on to receive an official gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

Now, while they still might be newbies in the industry, gauging from the success of their EP, ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity’ – we can bravely say that ‘Everlasting Shine’ is also sure to bloom. 

By: Nina Karun