TXT Get Angsty in New Song: Can’t you See Me?

TXT hip hop group

South Korean boy group, Tomorrow x Together, also known as TXT have released their much awaited comeback “Can’t You See Me?”. The track is the leading single from their EP “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”. And while the song is a catchy alt-pop bop, there’s more to this one than meets the eye. 

“Can’t You See Me?” sees the 5 member group diving straight into the conflicts and anxieties that come with friendship. The boys explore the idea of loneliness as they’re faced with reality. The track emphasizes conflict by juxtaposing groovy R&B elements with chaotic, record-scratching drops throughout the song. The members of TXT croon: “Can’t you see me?// My friends don’t understand me// My friends don’t understand me anymore//”.

The melodic juxtaposition goes hand in hand with the visual representation of imagination vs. reality in the music video. The quick cuts of TXT enjoying each other’s company, with montages of them playing around and having fun, quickly goes up in flames, literally, as the boys are faced with their lonely realities. The choreography also plays into the darkness and angst of the song, with the members conquering a new style of dance. 

Early fan reactions have praised TXT for their departure from bubblegum pop and growth in such a short time. The group debuted back in March, 2019, and have only just completed a year in the industry. The group have shown steady leaps in terms of sales, but more importantly, musicality, proving to be a noteworthy debut group in K-Pop, commendably joining the league of their label mates: BTS

Their EP serves up the same duality that is reminiscent of their title track. From familiar pop tunes to hip-hop and trap, and light rock, TXT aim high with this release. If the idea was to depart from a binary of happiness, and dive into the more complex era of youth, they’ve done it successfully. 
“The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” by TXT is out now and available on all streaming sites.