TXT Wade Through Familiar Water For Cheery New EP “Minisode 1: Blue Hour”

The rookie Kpop group, TXT, just made their highly anticipated comeback with a fresh EP, “Minisode 1: Blue Hour”. Nursing a good 5 tracks, this EP serves as the band’s follow-up to  their second mini-album, “The Dream Chapter: Eternity”. 

Now, “Minisode 1: Blue Hour” witnessed a lead single of the same name, which was accompanied by a fantastical, bright music video. Peppered with a catchy guitar hook, a bubbling set of beats and sugary sweet vocals – ‘Blue Hour’ keeps the energy at an all-time high. Speaking of the concept and visuals binding this track, Beomgyu of TXT explained in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, “It’s also full of bright energy, which I feel is perfect in times like this. ‘Blue Hour’ takes place during sunset. It’s about looking at the sky and marveling at its beauty, but also feeling a sense of isolation and unfamiliarity. We wish for this beautiful sunset to last forever and that regardless of any thoughts of solitude, we will continue to feel the same as one another.”

TXT: ‘Ghosting’

The other tracks sitting on this EP mirror a similar soundscape to that of ‘Blue Hour’. ‘Ghosting‘ sees mellow, fairy-tale like melodies tossed up with a funky set of beats. Taehyun pointed out, “The sound is Indie Rock and 1980s Nu Gaze,” highlighting the unique retro undertone lining the track. 

TXT: ‘We Lost The Summer’

The following track, ‘We Lost The Summer’ saw the boys recruit Charli XCX on board to help them craft this catchy, upbeat treat. Defined by tinkling production elements and an infectious chorus, the boys are heard singing, “The door of the cafe I used to be locked tightly/ Hiding a sigh, behind a cramped mask/ I hate my face without expressions”

Much like the lyrics suggest, this song traces the struggles faced by the youth due to the global pandemic, that turned their world upside down.  “Many teenagers could no longer go to school and hang out with each other, passing notes, sharing earbuds, and so on. It’s our story but it’s still a subject that teens all over the world can relate to,” Beomgyu articulated. 

TXT: ‘Wishlist’

TXT next arrive with the track, ‘Wishlist’ which proves to be a cheery anthem, from start to finish. The track also sees the boys dabble with rock elements as ‘Wishlist‘ adopts a powerful electric guitar riff, providing the perfect foundation for their vocals. 

TXT: ‘Way Home’

The last tune sitting on this EP is titled, ‘Way Home,’ which once again sees the boys experiment with a unique cocktail of production elements. Charming and pretty, the lyrics read, “A night where you can’t find a starlight/ All the roads that have passed are lonely and sad/ Step on harder and harder/ So no monstеr can chase us anymore.” Speaking of the theme binding this track, Yeonjun explained,  “The song is about a belief that regardless of uncertainties we may feel, we will still be together as long as we remember one another.”  

“Minisode 1: Blue Hour” holds an assortment of treats that offer comfort, solace and hope. That being said, some of the band’s tracks do tend to bleed into one other. While it’s worth noting that the band’s vocal abilities are excellent, this EP does see them tread along familiar territory. And that’s possibly why it doesn’t arrive with the kind of punch their previous record, “The Dream Chapter: Eternity” did. 

And yet, considering its timely release, perhaps what we need is a boost of serotonin and the promise of better days.  But perhaps it would’ve been just a tad bit more exciting to see the boys deliver the same sentiment from more unexplored territory. 

By: Nina Karun