Ty Dolla $ign, Jhené Aiko & Mustard Drop Fresh Track ‘Be Yourself’

Ty Dolla $ign just made his landing with a new offering from his upcoming album, “Featuring Ty Dolla $ign”. This time around, the rap star enlisted Jhené Aiko and Mustard for a fresh new track titled, ‘By Yourself’. 

The track opens with warped vocals, courtesy Billie Piper, before seamlessly segueing into Ty Dolla $ign’s first verse. Lined with a sleek set of groovy beats, the song alternates between feel-good melodies, pretty runs and dreamy rap pieces. 


Much like the title of the song suggests, the stars revel in their independence. Aiko speaks of enjoying a little alone-time, highlighting that she can navigate her life all on her own. Here, take a look:

You know I do this shit on my own
Pockets long, I’m so grown, I’m so godly
Even when alone, I’m never lonely

Girl, you ain’t never ‘fraid to be by yourself
You ain’t never ‘fraid to be by yourself
Say you ain’t afraid to be by yourself (By yourself)
You don’t need a man, you do it by yourself

In a recent statement, Ty Dolla $ign discussed his experience working alongside other stars and touched upon his upcoming album. “I’ve been blessed with the gift of collaborating. Not every artist can collaborate with another artist and have the final product be something incredible,” Ty explained, “Many people have said that when you see a song that says, ‘featuring Ty Dolla $ign,’ you know it’s gonna be fire. As humbled as I am when I hear that, I can’t say I disagree.”

“Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” will make its landing on October 23rd. 

By: Nina Karun