UB40 And Janis Joplin Have Been Inducted Into The UK Music Walk of Fame

UB40 and Janis Joplin are now officially part of the UK Music Walk of Fame in London’s Camden area. The UK Music Walk of Fame, launched back in 2019, has just welcomed these legendary icons to its star-studded sidewalk. This sprawling musical tribute spans a hip square mile in Camden and is adorned with Award Stones, paying homage to trailblazing musicians and movers and shakers in the music scene. Past inductees include The Who, Madness, Soul II Soul, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and many more.

We will never stop being angry, says British pop-reggae band UB40 - The Week
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In a press release, Ali Campbell of UB40 couldn’t help but feel the cosmic connection. He mentioned that the band’s very first gig happened right here in Camden, and now they’re snagging an epic accolade in the very same spot. Talk about a full-circle moment! 

UB40 and Janis Joplin join UK Music Walk Of Fame - The Madras Tribune
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He said: “To be back in Camden is lovely… I’m very proud of this award. I’m also proud of the part I played in promoting the music I love.. reggae. We started UB40 with that aim in mind. Our aim was to promote reggae. And reggae is now the most influential music in the world. The contemporary dance music that’s happening now, all of its production techniques comes from reggae. So it’s a beautiful thing. So big love to everybody. Thank you for this award. And respect.”

During the ceremony for Joplin’s induction, her brother Michael Joplin recalled a memory of his sister’s special one off UK show: “Just yesterday, my wife and I were out for an early morning walk trying to get over jet lag. And we ended up at the Royal Albert Hall. I was standing there on the steps remembering one of the letters that she had written home about selling out the Albert Hall, and how proud she was, just ecstatic. I’m standing on the stairs, and I could still feel her glee and pride. And I really enjoyed that. It was a wonderful moment.”

UB40 and Janis Joplin join UK Music Walk Of Fame
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The UK Music Walk of Fame has welcomed some incredible inductees, including Gordon Mac (Founder of Kiss FM), Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, The Sugarhill Gang, Eddy Grant, Buzzcocks, Billy Bragg, Shalamar and The Kinks. These luminaries are set to have their star-studded induction ceremonies throughout the week, building up to the inaugural Camden Music Festival on 9th September. Last year, the one and only David Bowie was honoured with his well-deserved spot on this prestigious walk.