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Usher And Jenn Goicoechea Are Parents To A Baby Girl

Usher and Jenn Goicoechea are parents to a healthy baby girl! The ‘Yeah’ singer took to his social media to share the important announcement. Along with the picture of her, he shared his feelings and it’s made us go, ‘Awh’ for sure.

Usher explains how blessed he feels after his daugther’s arrival on earth. As he shared a picture of holding the baby’s hand, the singer disclosed the name of his daughter, Sovereign Bo Raymond.

Usher continued to add a musial touch to his announement, he said, “Isn’t She lovely” by Stevie Wonder on repeat” This clearly shows how excited the couple is for the arrival for their baby!

A Little About The Couple

Usher is dating Jenn Goicoechea for about an year and they’ve been quite low-key about it. The announcement of the preganancy did not come forward officially. However, Jenn was seen showing off her baby bump in a blue catsuit at the start of the month.

The couple is parents to their firstc child however, Usher has been a dad for two times already. He’s got two kids from his first marriage with Tameka Foster.

All The Latest From The Man Of The Hour

Usher has been quite active for sometime now, the singer dropped his ‘Bad Habits’ recently along with a music video. The song takes you back to olden days of composing music. Just such nostalgia however he’s got his way to your playlist.

Along with the track release, fans are speculating that Usher is upto some big surprise! “Confessions 2” is in the making and the singer has already dropped a few singles from the album. ‘I Cry‘ and ‘SexBeat‘ which features Lil Jon and Ludacris are out.

Well, looks like it’s a very eventful year for the singer and we couldn’t be happier. Also, are you guys keeping a track on all the musicians who are expanding their family? We mean, it’s geeting harder for us to remember. From Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj to Zayn Malik, we’ve got a long list of people in the music world wanting babies, are you one of them, too?

By: Aatira Kakroo

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