‘V’ of BTS Teases Fans With New Music; Fans React

V teases new music

The BTS ARMY believes that ‘V’ of BTS is all set to release an official solo project, following the star’s (since deleted) post on Twitter. 

Kim Taehyung, more commonly known by his stage name ‘V’, is a vocalist and member of the South Korean mega group, BTS. And as the group reaches new heights every day, focus on the members and their works in progress continues to be anticipated. 

‘V’ is delivering on that front. Amid talks of a new, and entirely self-produced album, courtesy BTS, Taehyung has been vocal about lending his songwriting to the project this time around. In a recent update from fellow member, Jimin, Taehyung has reportedly already written four songs for the release. 

Cut to late last night when ‘V’ took to Twitter to share a 40 second black and white clip. In the background he can be heard singing an entirely English composition, one that hasn’t been heard before. The post has since been deleted.


The mellow jazz track is accompanied by Taehyung’s characteristic vocals. ARMY were quick to pen down the lyrics heard in the short clip. The verse in place goes something like this: 

ARMY wasted no time, tweeting about and retweeting the clip, trending the hashtags #KTH1, #TaeTate, and #KimTaehyung on Twitter. While some fans strongly believe that this is a sign of a solo project to come, many are pacing themselves, waiting for an official confirmation from V or his agency, BigHit Labels. 


If this comes through as an official music release, it will mark Taehyung’s first official solo stint as a member of BTS. He has released solo songs on SoundCloud and YouTube – ‘Winter Bear’, ‘Sweet Night’ (OST for ‘Itaewon Class’) and more. These aren’t however dedicated solo releases. 

BTS members are known to release record-breaking solo content. Just recently, rapper SUGA’s rap project, ‘D-2’ by Agust D made it to the bIllboard Hot 200, setting a new precedent for the group. 

ARMY is beyond excited for solo work from V. We’ll just have to wait to see how this unfolds.

By: Ahalya Narayanan