View The Original Storyboards For Daft Punk’s Music Video ‘Around The World’

The original storyboards for Daft Punk’s ‘Around The World’ music video have been detailed in a short video clip.

The video featuring the official storyboards from the 1997 music video, including the structure of the video’s iconic stage design and the placement and movement of its dancers, were uploaded to the now-defunct French electronic duo’s YouTube channel on 14th April.

Check out the storyboard video below.

This is the first time the storyboards for ‘Around The World’ have been made freely available to the public, as they were previously exclusively available on the duo’s 1997 DVD, D.A.F.T.

The ‘Around The World’ music video, directed by Michel Gondry, showcases multiple groups of costumed dancers moving over a stage set, each adding a different vibe to Daft Punk’s single. Take a look at it again here:

The song was included on the duo’s debut album, ‘Homework.’ In February, the album was reissued for its 25th anniversary, with new remixes, nine of which were previously unavailable on streaming sites.

In February 2021, Daft Punk announced their separation. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have released four studio albums in their 28 years together: ‘Homework,’ 2001’s ‘Discovery,’ 2005’s ‘Human After All,’ and 2013’s ‘Random Access Memories.’

Image Courtesy: The FADER
Image Courtesy: The FADER

Author Gabriel Szatan revealed in September that a book titled ‘After Daft’, exploring the impact and legacy of Daft Punk, would be published in 2023.