‘Vinland Saga’ is Life Changing: A Review of the Hit Viking Series

“I have no enemies.” 

Vinland Saga is one of those once-in-a-decade kinds of series that has the potential to change your perspective on life. Hits like ‘Gintama’, which many may ask, how can a comedy series change your life? A question that will only be answered upon the completion of the series. 

One of those series is ‘Vinland Saga’. The story begins by introducing us to Thors, a renowned warrior among the Jomsvikings, who decides to leave behind a life of bloodshed in pursuit of a peaceful future with his family. 

Image Courtesy: Polygon

This stark contrast between the violence of the opening season and the tranquillity that follows in the second season sets the tone for the entire series. Violence is not glorified here; it’s portrayed as a grim consequence of a violent age, a theme that runs deep throughout the plot.

Thorfinn’s desire for a sword to “defeat his enemies” is met with Thors’ sobering reminder that “no one has any enemies.” This principle of goodwill towards others is a central lesson in ‘Vinland Saga’, complemented by Thors’ dream of a peaceful Vinland, free from pain and suffering.

Image Courtesy: IGN

The series talks of the harsh realities of a country at war, where Askeladd, the raider and mercenary lord, introduces a different perspective: “Everyone is a slave, even if they can’t see the chains.” 

Askeladd, a complex and multi-faceted character, loved by every fan, adds depth to the narrative, personifying the struggles and growth of individuals in a society determined by violence.

Image Courtesy: Polygon

Transitioning from the first to the second season of ‘Vinland Saga’ can be described as a morning after a storm. You come into the second season expecting flawless action sequences, but you’re met with thoughts that keep you up at night.

If Thorfinn can aspire to live a life without violence, a life where he forgives himself and sees the better in himself and everything around him, why can’t you? 

-Britney Jones