Watch The Pokémon-Filled Music Video For The New Song ‘Celestial’ With Ed Sheeran

Pokémon and Ed Sheeran have collaborated on the song ‘Celestial,’ which was just released.

Image courtesy: CNN

The song’s music video features a variety of Pokémon, including a Lapras who helps Sheeran cross a river and a Snorlax who saves him from a vehicle accident. Yu Nagaba, who art directed the video, imitated Sheeran’s childhood drawings of Pokémon.

Check out the video below:

Image courtesy: Pinkvilla

Sheeran displayed his new Squirtle tattoo to preview the song as a way to commemorate the collaboration. After the release of his fourth and most current album, ‘=,’ Sheeran gave a unique live concert for Pokémon Go last November.

Image courtesy: The Limited Times

In the meantime, Ed Sheeran will perform a small, exclusive concert in London next month, to help the mental health support organisation, ‘Shout’.