Wharf Cat Record Label Drops Jeff Zagers’ Work From Their Catalog

The Brooklyn-based record label that endorses an array of artists spanning time and genre has just announced its plans to drop musician Jeff Zagers and all his work from its catalogue.

What Triggered The Decision?

The musician who was present at the Trump rally that led to the attack on the US Capitol has been facing a massive backlash from people across the world. The unfortunate incident took place on the 6th of January. Brothers and co-owners of the Brooklyn label told a source that they chose to take that step after seeing Instagram stories and posts by Zagers. The posts and stories showed the musician attending the rally.


The record label issued a statement that read, “As a label, we strive to promote equity and inclusivity in our community and do not tolerate voices of hate or acts of violence. We would never knowingly work with anyone who supports the events of January 6th or any part of the movement that enacted this attack on the U.S. Capitol, and are actively taking the artist’s releases down.”

The Musician’s Side

The screenshots on his Instagram account read, “I was there today.” Zagers said he met some “wonderful people” claiming the media portrayed a “false narrative” about the mob that barged into U.S Capitol building.  The singer said, “I know what happened. Ask me.” However, people aren’t very convinced since the singer shared a picture of Richard Barnett in another story. This is the same man who faces multiple criminal counts and also broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Amidst all the chaos, Zagers took to his blog to post his statement an email to the source with his side of the story. He confirmed his presence at the Trump rally that took place just before the attack on U.S Capitol. The singer said he was in the lawn on the stairs of the building when people stormed in. But he went on to clarify that he “never charged or stormed anything.” Following this, a subsequent email sees Zagers adding, “I was not there when people initially stormed the building.”

The Warners Stand Firm

In a telephonic interview, Doug Warner told the source, “It was very shocking to see his Instagram Stories where he was very clearly endorsing his participation. We had absolutely no reason to believe that this is something that would have transpired.”

The Warners said they decided to drop Zagers’ catalogue without talking to him. They also said Zagers is “free and clear of any sort of obligations to Wharf Cat,”. The musician has released two studio albums through their label. But the Warner brothers have no qualms with the singer redistributing his music via other labels/channels.

Check The Blog Here

In his blog, he said, “I would like to denounce any violence from that day and say that most people there, from all walks of life walked into a trap.” Zagers added, “If what I did was illegal, I am sure the most heavily surveilled city in our nation would have a record of that,” and said, “I honestly never felt safer in my life with strength in numbers.” In conclusion, he said, “There were families and people from all walks of life there that love Trump.”

Well, that’s that about what the two had to say to justify their decisions. The internet is divided, as if to each his own. For more updates stay tuned.

By: Aatira Kakroo