5sos Shoot “Wild Flower” at Home

5 Seconds Of Summer , the Aussie Boy Band has changed the game for music videos! This time they came out with a stop motion video for a lyrical music video for their track “Wild Flower”.

The video opens with a reel shot of the pre production , behind the scene of the stop motion setting. It announces that the video was made with 10 hours hours of stop motion animation using 358 frames of individual photographs , 529 flowers. The shocker comes in when it is revealed that the whole video was shot at home!

Giving off major 90’s Psychedelic vibes with the constant use of flowers and neon colours , the video depicts the song in a very quirky manner. Kudos to the crew who help set up each frame because every little inch of distance matters in stop motion cryptically implying that every little fan of 5SOS matters ! You matter!

The band has spent the last two years investing their energy into their upcoming album “C.A.L.M”. It is an album that introspects themselves , hence using their initials as an acronym for the title. It explores the dark and light areas of growing up in this world. In the time of self isolation many of us aren’t able to look at nature and 5SOS has brought that fresh burst of green right through our screens with this video!