5SOS’s Calm Comes out Amid Pandemic

“C A L M” has dropped over the valley as 5 Seconds Of Summer has released their new album amidst much uproar after they gave us a taste with ‘Teeth’, ‘Easier’, and ‘Old Me’.

And here is some trivia about the album that is going to interest you: “The album title came from the first letters of all of our names,” Luke Hemmings, said of his bandmates Calum, Ashton, and Michael. How clever! “And it’s also a nod to our fans that coined us that name in our early days. They’ve been using that acronym for a long time. It kind of just sums up [that] we’re a little bit older and a little bit wiser .?.?. But it was named before this went down, obviously.”

Even with the plans of ‘CALM’ being released in a completely different manner were shook, it didn’t budge them from releasing it after all. Given how some of the other big stars in the industry shied away from having their work be consumed in the time of this pandemic, it is actually quite brave of the Australian pop-rock band to come out with their work in solidarity for all of us at home here.

The songs on the album are an interesting mix of their original style and lyrics that have matured with time. ‘Wildflower’ came to us with enough hype and it delivered. A high tempo, ode to a lover is a delightful departure from the music of the band where they wish their lover thinks of them when they are ‘High’. ‘Thin White Lies’ is an upbeat song of a down beaten heart, beautifully mastered.

Give the 12-track album a listen and find out which of them will you be finding yourself singing in the shower. This fan speculates that it is going to be ‘Wildflower’!