Anne-Marie & Doja Cat Celebrate Youth in ‘To Be Young’

Fighting for the spotlight today, is Doja Cat and Anne-Marie with their brand new collab, ‘To Be Young.’ And from the first few notes, we could tell that this was a song for the charts

What starts as the gentle, distorted notes of a piano, is layered with a steady beat and Anne-Marie’s sweet, crystal-clear vocals. Perhaps what stands out about this tune is that it takes its time to stretch and grow. Interestingly, Doja Cat steps right out of her comfort zone for this tune. Instead of her usual high-energy, fiery raps, she takes things down a notch – adding a bit of melody to her rhymes.

The concept behind this song is simple and fresh. ‘To Be Young’ celebrates youth in all its vibrant hues, some painful, some exhilarating and all memorable. The lyrics are well crafted and pretty, take a look:

Dye my hair a million colours
Dream I’ll make a billion dollars
Ask where that they can’t come soon enough
In the meantime, we just Fall in love, broken heart
Break the rules, drink too much
We’re all a mess, but I guess
This is what it feels like to be young  

‘To Be Young’ arrives hot on the heels of Anne-Marie’s recent single, ‘Love Me Land,’ which dropped earlier this month. The tune is currently available on all streaming platforms.

By: Nina Karun