Bazzi sets Boyfriend Goals With a new Song

Rules To Being A Boyfriend have Changed, Bazzi Leads From The Front

Um, fellas — the bar to being a good boyfriend has just been raised. Will you please keep up? 
Bazzi just released a song called ‘Renee’s Song’ for and in the name of his girlfriend. 1st April happens to be their two year anniversary of togetherness and instead of the tired old gestures that y’all have been placating us with for eons now, he released a love ballad for his Australian model girlfriend — Renne Hubert. 

The lyrics start with something like this: “There’s a song I like to sing / It says your name, I love the ring.” Along goes the song and in the second verse we hear something even more poetic: “There’s a wind up in the North/ It tells us love’s our only source.”

A two minute joyride for both Renee and us. We are applauding this and not settling for anything less than a song; a poem at worst. Thankskaybye!