Chen Finds A Way of Expressing His Love In ‘Hello’

Just last week, Chen from the hit Kpop group EXO, announced his return to the music scene. He first landed with a stunning teaser image for his fresh single, ‘Hello’. Featuring a watercolour painting of a figure staring out at the setting sun, the charming image left more than enough room for intrigue. 

 Today, the track finally made its descent. ‘Hello’ opens with a dreamy cocktail of guitar riffs and gentle piano notes. Carrying the track forward are Chen’s lilting, melancholic melodies that range between pretty falsettos and husky runs. It’s interesting to note that the ballad breathes as it goes along, culminating in a grand crescendo. 

The young star’s songwriting immediately shines through in this track. Chen speaks the emotions and thoughts all swarming within that one, very ordinary greeting, ‘Hello’. He confesses to his lover that he’s not too good at expressing his feelings and while he fears that words might slip through his fingers, he hopes his affection can resonate with a single word. 

So many words piled up in my mind
And the empty space I couldn’t fill in
In fear that my empty words might leak through the gap
I’m scared

My dear, during the long hesitation
I couldn’t find the right words to express my feelings
With all my heart in those ordinary hellos
I just want to ask if you’re doing well

Chen sings, as he pads aimlessly between the rooms of a sun-splashed house, in the track’s music video. Chen’s emotional journey take on many shades, from sombre greys to a gradient of colours, the artist finally comes to terms with his expression of love.

By: Nina Karun