DaBaby Has Found a way During This Pandemic With Music

Fresh off the success of ‘My Oh My’ and having had the whole industry jamming to his new single, DaBaby has gone back to the studios and come back out with some fresh stuff for us to look forward to. 

The first look at ‘Find My Way’ has everyone talking. The new single is out with a 10-minute long video that features B. Simone, an influencer and ‘Suge’ singer DaBaby on the open road that of course makes us long for the road trip days. It looks light and breezy… till it doesn’t. Definitely a video to watch for its story line and a track to be heard for its production well done by DJ Kid. 

This is a track that picks up after the events of 2019 when we saw DaBaby release ‘Baby on Baby’ and his first album ‘KIRK’.