Dua Lipa Goes Live With Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” has made its arrival , and we are smitten! This is your self isolation party anthem pack! Earlier this week, she announced that the album release would be earlier than scheduled due to the CoronaVirus crisis. She got emotional on Instagram Live as she told her fans that she didn’t know if this was the right decision or not.

Many artists have postponed their album release due to the crisis but some have insisted on sticking to the original date or even opting for an earlier release. This is due to the sales impact that the economic slowdown will bring, hence opting for an earlier release while the economy is relatively stable seems like the best option.

“Future Nostalgia” is a non-stop party train from its opening track giving major Prince vibes to the chilling White Towns sample of “Your Woman” on “Love Again”. And last night, she dropped the INXS-interpolating “Break My Heart” on us. We felt that one hard, big relate!

Dua smashes patriarchy as she calls out male privilege through the song “Boys will Boys” with a chorus of “Boys will be boys but girls will be women”. Kudos to Dua for this euphoric ballad celebrating the double standard put up for women. Well why should boys have all the fun!? This album is worth your quarantine time because it will make you shake whatcha mama gave you! Don’t need to hit the gym after this.