Ellie Goulding Reminisces on Working with Juice WRLD

 Just a couple days back, Ellie Goulding made her landing with her brand new album, ‘Brightest Blue’. And not long after, the young star sat down to chat about the album’s origin story and experiences with her string of collaborators, particularly the late Juice WRLD.  

Goulding’s last full-length album made its entrance way back in 2015, following which, she went on tour. Once all that wrapped up, the star emphasized how odd it felt to have so much free time on her hands. And sometimes, this comes with moments that allow one to introspect and heal in order to come back stronger than ever.  “I came home and for the very first time had days off and weeks off,” Ellie said, “It was so alien to me to have that time, that I had to kind of start reflecting on everything and unraveling my life for the past however many years, whether I wanted to or not. I knew it was time to confront everything I had been through, and then I was like, ‘Wow, I’m like a woman now.’”

Ellie Goulding Sheds A Light on Juice WRLD’s Impact

Ellie Goulding then went on to recall her first impression of Juice WRLD’s music. “When I’d heard ‘Lucid Dreams’ for the first time, I was like, ‘Who is this?,’ and I don’t have that moment very often with artists.” After her discovery, the star did her homework on the rapper before reaching out to him to collaborate on ‘Hate Me.’ 

Goulding continued by expressing her sorrow over Juice WRLD’s passing, pointing out the one thing many fellow musicians have said: Juice had so much potential and he was truly on the brink of super-stardom. Every industry expert had their eyes on him, because with talent like that – it truly made him one of the brightest acts in the room. 

“I wish I’d gotten to spend more time with him,” Goulding said. “I wish we’d gotten to live that song, together. He was on the beginning of some incredibly special journey, I think, and everyone was really excited for him, we were really excited for him, and, yeah, it’s just painfully sad.”

We can firmly say that this sentiment is shared by all of Juice WRLD’S collaborators.

By: Nina Karun