Finneas Releases A Video A Year Too Late But It’s Worth The Wait

“Let’s fall in love in the night and forget in the morning,” goes the beautiful lyrics to Finneas’s song ‘Let’s Fall In Love In The Night’ that was released in October 2018. But the video he has released for the song this week, a whole era later, is hard to forget. Painfully beautiful, it sees Finneas serenading and allllmost dancing with a whole troupe of well dressed dancers. The video also sees the entire skyline of L.A. lit up in hues so romantic that this makes for a great couple’s watch.

The video has aesthetic similarities to the previous two singles Finneas has slowly released for the world to see while he is not working on his sister’s music. If you haven’t this is a good time to give ‘Shelter’ and ‘I Lost a Friend’ a listen.

There are rumours that Finneas is going to be releasing his debut album very soon and has written a lot of music for it. And the charts we should be looking at to find Finneas’s music on is the Alternative Songs list. He is bound to make some waves with the new album and we absolutely cannot wait!