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‘From Home’: NCT U Find Solace in Friendships

NCT U are back! This time around, the buzzing group have arrived with a new offering from their latest album, “Resonance Pt.1”. The boys just put out the music video for their track, ‘From Home’.

Now, the track opens with a tinkling, dreamy piano riff. What follows are mellow, syrupy-sweet verses from the band. It’s safe to say that the chorus of ‘From Home’ is what gives the song a much-needed push. Its starry falsettos paired with some stunning harmonies, courtesy Haechan and Doyoung, will easily leave you with goosebumps.

The songwriting on ‘From Home’ also pokes its head out, demanding your attention. NCT U capture ideas of nostalgia and loneliness, in this track. We see the boys ponder on the past, grateful that some of their most difficult moments are nothing more than memories now. To keep the loneliness at bay, we see the boys find comfort in each other and this sentiment shines through in their lyrics. Take a look:

I remember it like it’s yesterday, oh no
When I was struggling with loneliness
Even the air used to be strange
I was trembling while being scared

‘Cause I’m not alone
You became a warm home for me
Yesterday and now
We’ll be back tomorrow
It all starts from home

The music video for ‘From Home’ proves to be simple yet charming. It features the band spending time with each other across a set of scenic locations, playing back these treasured moments on an old television set and reminiscing. This marks the third music video to arrive from the band’s latest effort, “Resonance Pt. 1”. Previously, NCT U dropped visualizers for ‘Make A Wish‘ and ‘Misfit‘. 

By: Nina Karun

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