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John Legend Does Not Want To See History Repeat Itself

Kanye West’s recent announcement that he’ll be running for President has given birth to a number of conversations concerning this matter. Some of his fellow rappers have stood behind him, while other artists have openly expressed their apprehension over West’s move. One such artist that falls under the latter umbrella is none other than John Legend. 

In a poignant, unfiltered Twitter thread, Legend lay his thoughts bare. For starters, he warned anyone considering a third-party run to seriously think about the implications of their actions during these challenging times. With the U.S grappling between the global coronavirus pandemic and the worrying economic condition, John Legend stated that it was imperative that everyone choose their next steps very carefully. 

“And the real world implications of electing (or reelecting) someone who doesn’t know how to run the government are particularly urgent and impactful in the middle of a pandemic that’s been so much more deadly due to an incompetent President,” Legend wrote, avoiding naming names but making his stance clear. 

“Reporters always ask me if more artists should speak out about politics. I always say ummmmmm not necessarily,” Legend continued. While the finger might be invisible, it is undoubtedly pointing to Kanye West. Since his announcement, West seems to have disappeared. There are no updates from the rap star or his spokesperson regarding whether he has filed all necessary documents to register with the Federal Election Commission. 

John Legend concluded with a plea that whoever plans to run be atleast prepared with new policy changes and a proper understanding of the nation and the duties to their citizens. 

“Read about it. Talk to activists and organizers and people impacted,” wrote Legend,  “Be open to evolution and changing your mind. Be intentional and strategic. And think about the impact of your words on the real lives of real people.”

By: Nina Karun

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