KARD Dabbles with Alter-Egos & Toxic Love Affairs in ‘Gunshot’

The rising Kpop group, KARD, just arrived with their first installment of the upcoming album, “Way With Words“. Titled, ‘Gunshot’, this tune serves as the lead single of the record and also made its landing with an accompanying visualizer. 

This track, co-written and co-composed by BM and J.seph, sees KARD navigate through familiar territory. ‘Gunshot’ dances between deep, fiery rap verses and dramatic melodic runs. Sprinkled with deep trap mixes and sleek synths, this track is very reminiscent of the dark yet larger than life Kpop tunes of 2012-2013. But unlike their previous releases, ‘Gunshot’ is driven by KARD’s vocalists: Jiwoo and Somin. While their male counterparts arrive with catchy yet familiar rhymes, the girls display their brilliant range through some sweeping melodies. 

In this tune, we see KARD dabble with the concept of breaking free from a toxic relationship. The idea of ‘Love’ has mutated into harsh words and neglect, all hiding beneath a pretty facade – and KARD plans to rip off this veil. Interestingly, the band compares the impact of hurtful words to that of a gunshot and the violence that surrounds it. Once again, the band has taken a unique approach to the idea of love and relationships. And a closer look at their lyrics will allow for a better understanding:

LOVE, those damn 4 letters
LOVE, that’s what you use to disguise this
Selfish, I will never be enough
Even if I pour out my all  

Woah answer when I’m calling
Without you, I’m dying slowly
The words you spit out kill me like bullets
You don’t embrace me but the trigger, trigger, pull it 

The music video for this track sees KARD explore the dark underbelly of society. One forged from violence, surveillance and pain. We often see the band through the lens of a camera, hurt and fighting against what appears to be an invisible enemy. It’s only as the video unfolds that we realize that each member is at war with their alter-egos. Ones they hope to destroy and come out stronger. Perhaps this is KARD showing us how to break free from the shackles of a difficult relationship in order to shed the weaker versions of ourselves. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve dabbled with weighty issues. 

Whether the other tracks on “Way With Words” will delve into themes as dark as this one, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

By: Nina Karun