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Selena Gomez & Trevor Daniel Hold the World in ‘Past Life’

After much anticipation, Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez just put out the music video for their remixed track, ‘Past Life‘. And without further ado, we’re diving deep into this fascinating video…

What begins as a simple Instagram Live soon morphs into psychedelic visuals. With Selena suddenly frozen on screen, the camera travels across her cheek which gradually transforms into a vast valley. As we see a close-up of their facial features, the landscapes glitch and morph from barren deserts to blooming meadows, sandy beaches and melting icebergs. The climax of the video sees the camera pull back to their normal Instagram Live session, making it all seem like one bizarre fever dream.

Over these strange visuals, we here the duo’s stunning harmonies. Where Trevor Daniel has left off, Selena picks up, creating a fine layer of their airy, moody vocals.

Speaking of the concept behind this song, Selena Gomez had this to say: The song told “a story about all the things that we tend to hold on to and the patterns that we have.” This is reflected in the lyrics, that speak of dwelling in the past and trying to find a way out of that rabbit hole. Here, take a look;

I’m trying to be honest with my happiness
Don’t know why I’m bad at this, uh
And I don’t wanna sit in all my sadness
I know it’s a habit of mine

This tune finds a bright spot on Trevor Daniel’s debut album, ‘Nicotine‘ and also marks his first big collaboration in the industry. And we can firmly say that Selena Gomez was the perfect choice for this piece.

By: Nina Karun

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