Sia & David Guetta Embrace The Retro Wave For ‘Let’s Love’

Amid the downpour of fresh releases and new collaborations, Sia just reunited with her usual partner in crime, David Guetta, for a brand new track. Titled, ‘Let’s Love’ this one arrives with a spoonful of upliftment and comfort. 

This track sees the duo take a dip into retro sounds from the 80’s. Peppered with a funky disco beat and Sia’s powerhouse vocals, ‘Let’s Love’ gets you grooving in no time. In fact, it’s safe to say that this song has been swallowed whole by the retro wave currently consuming the modern pop world. It’s reminiscent of the soundscape heard on The Weeknd’s chart-topping anthem, ‘Blinding Lights‘ and has once again proven that this 80’s disco vibe has yet to die out.

‘Let’s Love’ also sees Sia in her natural element, delivering a wide range of notes with an enviable ease as she croons, 

Standing right beside you is enough
Count on me if you feel any pain
Call to me, I’ll run to you again

You can count on me
And I can count on you
You show up
I got you, ah
And I’ll keep showing up for you

Speaking of their work on this tune, David Guetta had this to say,  “During this time of isolation, I’ve been incredibly inspired to release music that has an uplifting energy. I love producing club tracks but at the same time, especially now, I feel like creating ‘feel-good’ music. ‘Let’s Love’ is a message of love, hope and bringing people together and once again, Sia has outdone herself on the vocals.”

And so, ‘Let’s Love’ joins the steadily growing list of uplifting anthems that make this year just a tad bit more bearable. 

By: Nina Karun