The Weeknd Will Dish Out ,Until He Bleeds Out

The Weekend gives us a visual and oh, my! What a treat. The singer just released the official music video for his track, ‘Until I Bleed Out’ which features on his latest album ‘After Hours’.

The Weekend’s previous music videos, which all feature him in that dazzling red jacket, face all bloody, reflect the same 80’s appeal, once again brilliantly directed by Tammi. The visuals arrive with a sense of unease and psychedelic doom, which seems to be the underlying theme in his previous videos too.

In this one, we see the Weeknd amidst confetti and gorgeous women, at a party he clearly doesn’t want to attend. This constant buzz around him, something we’ve seen through all the videos makes us wonder whether he’s just imagining all of this or simply showing us how disillusioned he’s become with industry life. 

Tammi, the director, came to our rescue with an explanation,  “It’s like a mystery we’re creating together. He plays me the song, and it already has such a strong DNA – it’s very intuitive, Abel is a mysterious person and I respect that. What we do is open for interpretation…It’s art and it’s poetry, and I think it’s beautiful to create that mystery together.”

Well, If you haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for? Go right now.