The Weeknd’s Heartless Gets a Lil Uzi Remix

Y’all don’t tire of listening to ‘Heartless’ on repeat do ya? Well Lil Uzi Vert knows this. So he’s gone and remixed The Weeknd’s massive hit that hit the waves and hit us hard at the same time. The remix is out and the visuals are mixed up too and give the vibe of exactly what the title says ‘Intermission’. 

The video seems to be an afterthought following the music where we see a medley of found footage of the ‘After Hours’ class of things and a nostalgic bout of VHS filters chiming in at the appearance of Lil Uzi Vert. 

Given what we have been treated to this whole while with ‘Until I Bleed Out’ which seemed like the final take on the ‘After Hours’ journey that abel took us on, and the gore fest that was ‘In Your Eyes’ video, it can easily be said that the cinematic journey is far from complete and if we know anything about The Weeknd he’s got some new stuff cooking in the pot