Tove Lo Drops a New Song With Mc Zaac

Tove Lo dropped a new music video for “Are you Gonna Tell Her?” with Brazilian artist, MC Zaac. This is a swaggering track from her 2019 album “Sunshine Kitty”. This video produced by Alaska Filmes was shot in Sao Paulo. It features a bickering couple at a quaint café , their date seems to be spiraling into hell with the man complaining about the woman’s outfit. At this moment she locks eyes with a waiter and a spark flies out!

The Alaska directed video was shot on location in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When asked about the video, she confessed her love For Brazil “Brazil really has a special place in my heart. And to shoot with a completely Brazilian cast and crew was Amazing and I’ll keep working on my Portuguese”.

Despite both of them being with different people a passionate dance sequence follows. Tove Lo and Mc zaac soundtrack the song from a nearby table as these two forbidden lovers flirt to pulsating rhythms. It is almost like a testimonial of extreme passion. “Love doesn’t always make you fall in you with the person , sometimes you fall in love with the idea of that person” MC Zaac said in an interview.

Tove is known for her grunge influenced take on Pop music. The honest and autobiographical lyrics have earned her the title of the “Saddest girl is Sweden”! Well so much for spittin truth.

“Sunshine Kitty” is her fourth studio album with Island Records, released in 2019. It features 4 singles, “Bad as the Boys” with Alma, “Jacques” with Jax Jones , “Really don’t like you” with Kylie Minogue and “Are you gonna tell her” with Zaac. We hope she’ll drop some more sizzling tracks to get us through 2020.