50 Cent Announces Documentary on Sean Diddy’s Assault Allegations

Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent has confirmed the upcoming release of a documentary focusing on the s*xual assault allegations surrounding Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. Titled ‘Diddy Do It?’ the documentary is set to shed light on the accusations against Combs amidst ongoing investigations.

The confirmation came through a teaser video shared by 50 Cent on social media, following the recent police raid on two of Diddy’s residences in Los Angeles and Miami. These raids appear to be connected to the ongoing investigations into allegations of s*x trafficking.

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According to the poster for the docu-series, ‘Diddy Do It?’ is scheduled for release “soon.” 50 Cent expressed confidence in the documentary’s potential, stating, “This is gonna break records when this drop.” However, specific details regarding the release date have not yet been disclosed.

This announcement comes after 50 Cent hinted at the documentary’s development five months ago, amid a longstanding feud between him and Diddy. Combs is facing multiple allegations, including accusations of sex trafficking and s*xual abuse, with the most recent lawsuit filed by record producer Rodney Jones.

50 Cent  Sean Diddy Combs
Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

Jones alleges that Combs s*xually assaulted him and organised parties attended by s*x workers and underage girls. He further claims that Combs coerced him into engaging in s*xual activities with prostitutes. Combs has vehemently denied these allegations, labelling them as “pure fiction.”

In addition to Jones’ lawsuit, Combs has faced previous accusations, including rape and physical abuse allegations made by his former partner, Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura, in November 2023. While Combs denied Ventura’s claims, the lawsuit was settled shortly after being filed.

50 Cent  Sean Diddy Combs
Image Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Further allegations emerged, with one woman claiming that Combs drugged and assaulted her and another alleging that Combs and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall were involved in r*ping her and her friend in 1990 or 1991.

Responding to the recent law enforcement raids on his properties, Combs’ lawyer Aaron Dyer criticised the actions as “a witch hunt” and “a gross overuse of military-level force.” Dyer emphasised that Combs has not been detained or arrested and maintains his innocence, vowing to continue fighting to clear his name amidst the allegations.