Andrew Lincoln Returns to British TV in ‘Cold Water’ With Indira Varma

Andrew Lincoln, widely recognized for his role as Rick Grimes in the acclaimed series ‘The Walking Dead’, is set to make a comeback to British television through ITV’s latest series, ‘Cold Water’. The newly commissioned thriller will span six episodes, featuring Lincoln in the lead role of John, a man grappling with a profound identity crisis. 

Joining him in the cast are Indira Varma, Ewen Bremner, and Eve Myles, with Varma playing John’s wife and Bremner portraying the enigmatic neighbour. The series, scripted by David Ireland and produced by Sister, promises a compelling narrative set in the Scottish village of ‘Cold Water’.

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Andrew Lincoln
Image Courtesy: Cinemablend

Describing the premise of ‘Cold Water’, the show’s creator David Ireland shared insights into its thematic core: “Cold Water began with a simple question I asked myself—where would I rather live, the countryside or the city? From this innocent inquiry emerged a dark, humorous, and intricately twisted thriller.” Ireland expressed his delight at Sister’s enthusiastic reception of the script and ITV’s decision to greenlight the series. 

He also expressed gratitude for securing such an exceptional cast, led by the formidable Andrew Lincoln. “I hope audiences will find it utterly captivating,” he added. ‘Cold Water Is poised to explore the complex dynamics of its characters against the backdrop of rural Scotland. John’s journey, moving away from his urban family to a tranquil village, unravels as he forms an unlikely bond with his secretive neighbour, played by Bremner. 

The narrative promises to delve into themes of isolation, identity, and the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface of seemingly peaceful communities. Reflecting on his role in ‘Cold Water’, Andrew Lincoln remarked on the series’ appeal and the depth of its storytelling. With his return to British television, Lincoln’s portrayal of John marks a departure from his iconic character in The Walking Dead, showcasing his versatility and commitment to engaging narratives. 

The series aims to captivate viewers with its blend of suspense, dark humour, and compelling performances, underscoring ITV’s commitment to delivering quality drama to its audience. As ‘Cold Water’ gears up for production and eventual broadcast on ITV, the anticipation surrounding its premiere grows. The series’ exploration of psychological intrigue, coupled with its stellar ensemble cast and atmospheric setting, sets the stage for a thrilling addition to British television drama.

-Sushmita Sarkar