Anne Hathaway Reveals The Valuable Lesson She Learned from ‘Princess Diaries’ Co-star Julie Andrews

Anne Hathaway considers the priceless lessons she gained from Julie Andrews, her co-star.

In the April 2024 issue of Vanity Fair, the 41-year-old actress shared memories of her time spent costarring with the British icon in the 2001 movie ‘The Princess Diaries.’

Hathaway revealed how Andrews took the time to sign autographs for fans after each filming day, displaying a deep regard and appreciation for them. Hathaway claimed that Andrews made every encounter with her fans unforgettable because she recognized the strong bond that her fans had with her work.

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Anne Hathaway Julie Andrews
Image Courtesy: People

Hathaway, who acknowledged that she might not have always been able to show such generosity to fans early in her career, expressed admiration for Andrews’ professionalism and grace while also reflecting on her development as an actress.

Under the direction of the late Garry Marshall and based on Gina Wendkos’ adaptation of Meg Cabot’s novel, ‘The Princess Diaries’ was a huge hit in 2001, starring Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis and featuring an amazing ensemble cast.

Reviewing movie sequences, Hathaway emphasized the significant influence the movie had on her life and career while expressing amazement at the magic produced by Marshall and Andrews.

Anne Hathaway Julie Andrews
Image Courtesy: Harper’s Bazar

Although ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’ has a sequel in the works, Andrews has voiced concerns about going too far in revisiting the series. Hathaway recognises the patience needed in the filmmaking process, though, and is still excited about the possibility of a third instalment.

Hathaway is thrilled about her next endeavours, which include the romantic comedies ‘The Idea of You’ and ‘Mothers’ Instinct,’ in which Jessica Chastain co-stars. All things considered, Hathaway is still proud of her role in ‘The Princess Diaries,’ realizing the importance of it to her life and professional path.

– Farheen Ali