Ariana Grande Hopes That New Album Will Tell Her If She’s in The Right Relationship

Ariana Grande is gearing up for the release of her seventh studio album,’ Eternal Sunshine’ and she’s hinted that the 13 tracks hold the key to an important question.

Ahead of the album drop, the 30-year-old artist chatted with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, delving into the album’s themes, inspirations and the healing impact of her time filming ‘Wicked’ on her relationship with music.

During the conversation, Lowe and Grande explored the album’s narrative arc, which Lowe aptly described as beginning with a question and ending with an answer.

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Ariana Grande New Album
Image Courtesy: Billboard

Lowe posed the question, “How do I know if I’m in the right relationship if I found the right person?” He highlighted the final track, ‘Ordinary Things,’ featuring Grande’s grandmother, Nonna, as providing the answer to this question. Grande revealed that she stumbled upon the answer while listening to a 30-minute voice note of her Nonna chatting with a friend.

A snippet from the conversation struck Grande as the perfect answer to her initial question, neatly tying up the album’s themes. As Lowe outlined, the album kicks off with ‘intro (end of the world),’ where Grande questions if she’s with the right person and concludes with timeless advice about not forgetting the little things.

Ariana Grande New Album
Image Courtesy: Teen Vogue

During the candid interview, Grande also shared her top three favourite tracks from the album: ‘We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love),’ ‘Imperfect for You’ and the title track, ‘Eternal Sunshine.’

Reflecting on the album-making process, Grande expressed her love for every aspect of it, from creating the videos and rehearsing to putting together the roll-out and doing the photo shoots. She noted that filming ‘Wicked’ had a healing effect on her relationship with music, allowing her to be more present and savour each moment in a way she hadn’t experienced before.