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Ariana Grande’s 98-Year-Old Grandmother Makes Billboard’s Hot 100, Setting New Record

Pop superstar Ariana Grande isn’t the only chart-topping talent in her family. Her beloved grandmother, Marjorie Grande, affectionately known as Nonna, recently made history by becoming the oldest artist ever to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

This incredible feat was achieved with the release of Grande’s latest album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’. The song ‘Ordinary Things’ features a heartwarming snippet of Nonna offering relationship advice to Ariana. This simple yet charming inclusion propelled the track to No. 55 on the Hot 100 chart, breaking the record previously held by Fred Stobaugh, who appeared on the chart at 96 years old with the song ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’.

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The story behind Nonna’s contribution goes beyond a catchy hook. Grande, known for her powerful vocals and emotional lyrics, has often spoken about the strong bond she shares with her grandmother.  Including Nonna’s voice in ‘Ordinary Things’ adds a layer of vulnerability and authenticity to the song, showcasing the wisdom and love passed down through generations.

News of Nonna’s record-breaking achievement has been met with widespread praise from fans and music critics alike. Many have lauded Grande’s decision to celebrate her family and highlight the beauty of intergenerational connection. 

Image Courtesy: People

The inclusion of Nonna’s voice also sparks a conversation about representation in music. While the industry often focuses on youthful energy, Nonna’s presence demonstrates that talent and wisdom have no age limit.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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