Benny Blanco Shares How Sia Wrote Rihanna’s Hit ‘Diamonds’ in Just 15 Minutes

In a recent interview with ‘The Howard Stern Show’, music producer Benny Blanco revealed an intriguing story about Sia’s songwriting prowess. Blanco, who co-produced Rihanna’s hit track ‘Diamonds’ with Stargate, recounted the lightning-fast creation of the song by Sia, who is known for her quick and prolific songwriting abilities.

According to Blanco, the magic happened during a brief window of time when Sia was waiting for a cab in an era before Uber. With just 15 minutes on her hands, Sia dove into her creative zone and effortlessly crafted the entire song, including its lyrics, melody, harmonies, and more.

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Sia Rihanna Diamonds
Image Courtesy: The News International

Blanco marvelled at Sia’s talent, noting that she could write a song in under five minutes, a feat he described as the craziest thing he’s witnessed in his career. He emphasised how Sia’s creative flow was so efficient that she completed everything before the cab arrived, leaving everyone in awe of her genius.

Regarding the decision to give such a remarkable song like ‘Diamonds’ to Rihanna, Blanco defended Sia’s choice, highlighting that songwriters often create music without knowing how it will resonate or which artist it will suit best. He praised Rihanna’s unique vocal style and the transformative impact her voice had on the song, turning it into a dazzling success.

Blanco, known for his work with various artists including Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry, also shared personal insights during the interview, mentioning his current relationship with Selena Gomez and hinting at a possible future together. 

Meanwhile, Sia is busy executive producing an album for Paris Hilton, showcasing her versatile talents beyond just songwriting.

-Sushmita Sarkar