Billie Eilish Directed The Music Video For Her Song ‘Chihiro’; Watch Now

Billie Eilish has just released a new self-directed music video for her song ‘Chihiro.’ She revealed the video herself and it features actor and musician Nat Wolff alongside her. On social media, Eilish shared behind-the-scenes photos and clips, describing it as “one of my favourite videos I’ve made”.

In a press release, Eilish explained that she imagined a dreamlike narrative for the video. The long, dark hallways and closing doors are meant to symbolise the different corners of the mind. The video depicts her falling into an inescapable connection, representing the external expression of an internal struggle.

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It’s about how our deepest feelings—fear, love, desire—eventually catch up with us, no matter how much we try to escape.

The release of ‘Chihiro’ comes nearly a month after Eilish directed and shared the video for her song ‘Lunch.’