Billy Idol’s Insights From Collaborating With Miley Cyrus on ‘Night Crawling’

In a recent interview, Billy Idol, the renowned rock icon, shared his insights into working with Miley Cyrus on the duet ‘Night Crawling’ featured on her album ‘Plastic Hearts’. The collaboration was facilitated by music producer Andrew Watt, a close friend of Idol’s, who infused the project with elements of glam rock and synth-pop.

Idol recounted how Cyrus expressed her desire to create a song in his distinctive style when approached by Watt about collaborating. This led to the creation of ‘Night Crawling’ a fusion of techno-rock with Idol’s signature flair, blending their musical personas into a unique sound.

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Billy Idol Miley Cyrus Night Crawling
Image Courtesy: People

The ‘Dancing with Myself’ singer praised Cyrus’s work ethic, noting her dedication to perfecting her craft through rigorous rehearsals. Having shared the stage with Cyrus on multiple occasions, Idol highlighted their shared commitment to their craft, balancing fun with seriousness in their performances.

Cyrus’s determination and passion for her art impressed Idol, prompting him to collaborate eagerly as he understands the challenges of succeeding as a solo artist. He commended her unwavering commitment, acknowledging the intense focus required in a solo career where everything revolves around the individual’s efforts.

The song ‘Night Crawling’ evokes memories of youthful escapades, resonating with Idol’s own experiences from his past. He appreciates the nostalgia and energy encapsulated in the track, connecting it to moments of revelry and exploration.

Idol’s collaboration with Cyrus reflects a blend of artistic admiration and mutual respect, showcasing their shared love for music and dedication to their craft.

-Sushmita Sarkar