Birdman Says “Close Friend” Drake Might Join Cash Money’s Essence Fest Performance

If Birdman has his way, his vision will come to life when he takes the stage for the opening night of the Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans. Leading a star-studded performance, the rapper and music mogul is set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his label, Cash Money Records. This milestone coincides with the 30th anniversary of Essence Fest itself.

“Everybody you think of as far as Cash Money [will be there],” Birdman says about the lineup, which includes stars like Lil Wayne and Juvenile. “A lot of people that started playing with me when we were young in the game. It’s going to be a great night.” 

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Drake Might Cash Money
Image Courtesy: NME

One person he’s particularly hoping will join is Drake, who is signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records. Drake has not performed on a major stage since trading diss tracks with Kendrick Lamar, a feud that seemed to end with Kendrick’s hit ‘Not Like Us’. 

“We’re definitely looking forward to that and hoping that does happen,” Birdman says about the possibility of Drake’s appearance. “It’s a possibility. We made this a family thing, but Drake, we’re close friends. He is one of us.”

Drake Might Cash Money
Image Courtesy: Complex

Another special guest will be rapper B.G., who was recently released from prison after serving time for illegal gun possession. “We’re all excited to have B.G. home after doing 13 years in the penitentiary,” Birdman says of the creator of the 1999 hit ‘Bling, Bling’. “It’s his first time touching anybody’s stage so that’s exciting.”

Despite the milestones, Birdman has no plans of retiring anytime soon. “I feel like once you start getting honoured, you’re finished with it and I’m not finished with it,” he asserts. “I’m far from finished.”

-Sushmita Sarkar