Brad Pitt Trained For ‘Months’ to Drive F1 Car in Upcoming Film, Says Jerry Bruckheimer

At the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Young Woman and the Sea,’ producer Jerry Bruckheimer, gave PEOPLE an exclusive interview on Brad Pitt’s impending Formula 1 racing film.

“He spent four or five months in training. At the El Capitan Theater, Bruckheimer praised Pitt, saying, “He’s an amazing driver.” “Several Formula One drivers have mentioned that he is an innate athlete. He really is. He’s very good at driving that vehicle.”

How quickly has Pitt been driving, then? It’s still a closely kept secret. “I can’t tell you. The insurance company would have my head,” Bruckheimer said.

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Brad Pitt F1 Car
Image Courtesy: The New York Times

In the new movie, which also stars Javier Bardem, 55, and Damson Idris, 32, Pitt plays an ageing Formula One driver who comes out of retirement to coach and work with a young driver.

Pitt was observed filming the new film in July 2023 during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Race Track in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. Pitt was dressed in a racing costume and interacting with real-life Formula One drivers.

After driving a modified Formula 2 car, Pitt said to Sky Sports F1 broadcaster Martin Brundle at the time, “I’ve got to say it’s just great to be here.” “This is the best time of my life; we’re having so much fun,” he continued.

Brad Pitt F1 Car
Image Courtesy: Quartz

“I play a driver from the 90s who suffers a terrible crash, disappears, and then races in other disciplines,” Pitt said when describing the plot of the movie.

The owner of the squad is then Javier Bardem’s character, who is his friend. They are the bottom squad; they never score a point and are consistently ranked 21st or 22nd on the grid. They invite me in as a Hail Mary and introduce a youthful sensation portrayed by Damson Idris. The adventure then starts,” Pitt said.

“The car’s creative camera angles, which showcase the speed and G forces like never before, are what’s really exciting about it,” Pitt continued.

–Gayathri J