Britney Endorses To stay Home , in Her Style

The Quirk Queen is back and the world has received. Brittany Spears tweeted a picture of herself caricatured with typography saying “MY LONELINESS IS KILLING ME SAVING ME” and this — no kidding — has revived the internet!

And the caption said: “all of the healthcare workers tirelessly working to keep us safe during this time !!!!” 

A smart wordplay to motivate people to stay home because hey look, so is Spears! And the Twitter world responded with so much love. “Corona has been cancelled,” one of the fans responded. Brittany Spears “invented washing hands,” another Tweeter said. 

This ‘Baby One More Time’ has not just restored the fight against Coronavirus in our minds, but also brought back waves of nostalgia in us 2000s kids who basically grew up to the Queen saving us over and over, and here she is back at it, repping us to the Gen Z!