Camila Cabello Claims That Making ‘Familia’ Saved Her Life

Camila Cabello revealed that the process of recording her new album ‘Familia’ saved her life. She took to TikTok to celebrate the release of her third album on 8th April. Cabello started by exclaiming “Wowzer! ‘Familia’ is finally out,” before admitting that “this album means so much to me.”

“The journey to making it completely changed (me) and, not to be dramatic, saved my life,” she added. “Y’know, I started this album at a really shitty mental health point and the process of making it, and being vulnerable and being honest about my experiences and leaning on other people changed my life.”

Image Courtesy: OtakuKart

She finished by saying: “I’m so proud of it and I’m so happy you guys get to hear it now.”

Previously, Cabello had told NME she was “the most emo person ever” and explained how “I have to really be mindful of my mental health and do a lot of meditation and read positive affirmations and read inspiring things. I have to check on myself – like, ‘ugh, I feel really negative’, or, ‘Ugh, I feel really like I’m not being kind to myself today’. I think you have to be really aware of what your thoughts are because it affects everything.”

Image Courtesy: Billboard

In a four-star review of ‘Familia’, NME wrote: “Honestly: anguished isn’t too strong a word here. Cabello backs up her claims about being “emo” with new songs exploring anxiety (‘Quiet’), the loneliness of a long-distance relationship (‘La Buena Vida’) and seething sexual jealousy (‘No Doubt’). “You’re up against the wall / She’s unbuttoning your jeans,” Cabello sings on the latter, picturing a partner with someone else. It’s a disarmingly candid moment on an album filled with them.”

Cabello was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on 9th April. She was joined onstage by Willow Smith for the live debut of their collaborative tune ‘Psychofreak’ after singing upbeat heartbreak anthem ‘Bam Bam’ (without Ed Sheeran, who appears on the recorded version).