Camila Cabello Says Taylor Swift Advised Her to “Just Keep Going”

Camila Cabello recently opened up about a memorable piece of advice she received from Taylor Swift. During an interview with 11-year-old influencer Taylen Biggs, Cabello reminisced about her first encounter with Swift at the MTV VMAs about a decade ago, back when she was still part of Fifth Harmony.

Cabello described this meeting as particularly meaningful, as it involved a significant conversation about songwriting. “I was about 16 or 17 when I met one of my songwriting heroes, Taylor Swift. I saw her and Lorde sitting together and thought, ‘Oh my god, that’s Taylor Swift. I have to go up to them and tell them I love them.’ They were both so sweet,” Cabello recalled.

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Camila Cabello Taylor Swift
Image Courtesy: Billboard

At the time, Cabello was struggling with her songwriting. “I was in a creative rut and feeling a lot of self-doubt. I thought, ‘Who better to ask for advice than Taylor Swift?’ So I asked her, ‘What do you do when you’re feeling stuck and doubtful?’”

Swift’s response was simple yet profound. “I don’t know if she remembers this, it was so long ago,” Cabello said. “She told me, ‘When that happens, I just keep writing through it. You’ve just got to keep going.’”

Camila Cabello Taylor Swift
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Swift encouraged her to push through the self-doubt and continue writing, reassuring her that she would eventually come out the other side. “When you hear those voices of self-doubt, just keep going,” Swift advised.

Cabello has often spoken about her admiration for Swift, revealing to Billboard that she had been a fan since she was 13. Over the years, the two have formed a friendship, with Cabello even opening for Swift’s ‘Reputation’ stadium tour in 2018 and performing together at the 2019 American Music Awards.