Camila Mendes Opens Up About ‘Work Crush’ on Rudy Mancuso

During an interview at the New York City premiere of ‘Upgraded,’ Camila Mendes, known for her role in ‘Riverdale,’ shared the journey of her romantic feelings for her partner, Rudy Mancuso.

The actress revealed to a magazine that her initial attraction to the internet sensation began as a “work crush.” She admitted to harbouring feelings but was uncertain if they extended beyond a professional admiration. However, upon meeting Mancuso in person, Mendes swiftly realised that her affection was indeed genuine.

Camila Mendes Rudy Mancuso
Image Courtesy: People

Their relationship blossomed after they connected over Zoom while collaborating on the Amazon film Música, loosely based on Mancuso’s upbringing in New Jersey. Mancuso served as the writer, director and lead actor in the project, and Mendes was impressed by his prowess and leadership on set.

Mendes expressed her admiration for Mancuso’s ability to direct and lead with such authority, finding it incredibly attractive. This mutual admiration laid the foundation for their romantic connection, which eventually led to their first-anniversary celebration in July.

Camila Mendes Rudy Mancuso
Image Courtesy: People

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Their professional collaboration didn’t end with Música; the couple is set to co-star in a romantic comedy later this year. The film revolves around a man grappling with his future and love life while navigating the complexities of a Brazilian family.

While Mendes typically maintains privacy regarding her relationship on social media, she recently shared Amazon’s announcement of their upcoming film, which is scheduled to premiere at SXSW 2024.

-Sushmita Sarkar