Cardi B Slays With Five Fierce Looks in ‘Enough Miami’ Music Video

Cardi B is back and taking no prisoners! Fresh off the release of her fiery freestyle ‘Like What’, the Bronx rapper dropped her second single of the month, ‘Enough (Miami)’, along with a visually stunning music video. The Miami-filmed video showcases Cardi B’s signature style with a chameleon-like twist. Throughout the video, she effortlessly rocks five distinct looks, each serving its brand of confidence and sass.

The video opens with Cardi B draped in a luxurious floor-length fur coat, a scene that screams opulence and power. She then transitions to a sleek red-tape bodysuit, highlighting her curves and fierce attitude.  Another scene features her dripping in diamonds, a nod to her chart-topping success and lavish lifestyle.

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But Cardi B isn’t afraid to show a different side too.  She embraces a more casual vibe in a cropped hoodie and sweatpants, proving comfort and confidence can coexist. The final look is a showstopper – a shimmering, embellished gown that exudes elegance and grace.

The rapid-fire fashion changes mirror the energy of the song itself.  ‘Enough (Miami)’ is a pulsating anthem about self-assurance and dominance. Cardi B’s lyrics drip with confidence as she asserts her position at the top of the rap game.

Cardi B Enough Miami
Image Courtesy: Variety

The video’s director, Julien Christian Castel, has garnered praise for his visually captivating work with artists like Travis Scott and The Weeknd. In ‘Enough (Miami)’, he utilises vibrant colours, dynamic camera angles, and quick cuts to create a fast-paced and visually stimulating experience.

The ‘Enough (Miami)’ music video has already amassed millions of views across social media platforms. Fans are raving about the song’s infectious beat, Cardi B’s lyrical prowess, and the dazzling array of fashion choices.

-Sushmita Sarkar