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Cardi B Talks About Her Missing Tooth

Cardi B shared an amusing incident where she flaunted a missing tooth, attributing it to a fallen veneer. The video showcased her strolling around a pool area in a chic ensemble, hinting at a surprise towards the end. To everyone’s delight, the surprise turned out to be her playful revelation of the missing tooth, accompanied by a charming smile and a comical fake country accent.

Subsequently, in another social media post, she humorously pointed out the culprit responsible for the mishap – a particularly sturdy bagel.

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Image Courtesy: People

Cardi B had previously teased the new single with revealing artwork, generating anticipation and excitement among her fans.

Notably, the rapper was not just preparing for a music release but had also recently engaged in a prestigious collaboration. She had the honour of being invited as a co-judge alongside a music icon, a revered singer with an extensive career spanning decades, for a special segment during their concert series.

Image Courtesy: Complex

Captured moments in photographs showed the camaraderie and enjoyment shared between Cardi B and the music icon as they sat together, engrossed in the live performances and the vibrant atmosphere of the concert.

Moreover, Cardi B expressed her deep admiration for the legendary singer by sharing a nostalgic video. The clip depicted her enthusiastically singing along to some of the singer’s timeless hits while riding in a car. In her caption, Cardi B mentioned that her appreciation for this music stemmed from her upbringing, particularly from her mother.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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